Saturday, January 24, 2015

Educational Report: Week of January 18, 2015

We got a good amount accomplished & the children's groove seems to be smooth. Mine? Well, not so much & I'm not sure what exactly it is. I do think I need to protect my quiet time a bit more- it's consistently been interrupted for a long time. I need some time each day ALONE in God's Word & prayer. I need some time ALONE to think or let my creative juices flow. :) PLEASE DON'T GET ME WRONG! I love everyone in this house- bunches & bunches! Anyway, I'll pray a bit more on how to order MY time & wait to see how the Lord directs. :)

In addition to lessons, we had several visits to the orthodontist & ophthalmologist. They're looking quite smart these days:

Covenant Classes: the children were thrilled to get back to their classes this week! :) Jonathan & Elizabeth studied about Central America & the Caribbean in their geography class. Benjamin & Matthias reviewed Latin for an upcoming unit test next week. For Patricia's literature class, she finished discussing Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. She also enjoyed doing a bit of debate- no surprise here that Tullys can argue. ;) For Bible, the younger children learned about the child of the Promise. I love how Pastor is showing them the importance of understanding the Old Testament to understand Christ! They received new memory work. Patricia continued to study the Shorter Catechism in her Bible class. She's excited to begin studying apologetic's soon.

Reading Aloud: library books only. Our new literature book arrived, so I'm excited to begin this!

Memory Work: yeah, uh... nothing beyond Scripture. Don't get me wrong- I'm THRILLED at how consistent Scripture memory has become for all of us! :) But, just like reading aloud, I want to make our memory time a priority each day... and I'm not... and I don't know why...

Abigail: Scripture memory & reading with mama. Lots of regular life learning this week!

Art & Music: we had a lesson with our teacher on Monday! :) At home, I started a new series of reading music with the children that has a lot of theory worked in. It was a joy to hear the stringed instruments this week!

History: For Gileskirk, we studied about the Constitution, Bill of Rights & George Washington. Lots of reading & writing. They should  have taken a few opportunities but we didn't have a printer. :( No history beyond independent reading for the younger crew. Matthias finished True To the Old Flag by G. A. Henty- he told me he did NOT like it because "it was slanted to the British's imperial view." :):):)

Language Arts: Spelling for most & copywork for the younger crew. Patricia & Benjamin both did one lesson of their Vocabulary from the Classical Roots books (he's in book A; she's in book B). Patricia did several practice skills from Sentence Composing for High School. Benjamin & Matthias read one chapter from Grammarland.

Latin: Patricia completed chapter 24 on reflexive pronouns & reflexive possessive adjectives. The boys finished chapter 17 about numbers & began a review chapter Thursday. I'm thrilled with the progress they are all making!

Logic: Patricia & Benjamin were excited to begin studying Argument Builder this week. I'm so glad Eric is leading in teaching this! They studied chapter one: foundations & a general overview of logic and rhetoric. In chapter two, they studied the four idols of logic: idols of the tribe, idols of the cave idols of the marketplace and idols of the theatre.

Math: it was a tough week for Patricia. We simply had review all week but she seemed to struggle. :( Praying for wisdom to help her. Everyone else continued with several lessons. Not as many as I had hoped for due to no printer.

Science: Benjamin & Patricia finished module 12 on energy & life. None for the rest of us.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Snack time!

I just couldn't resist sharing all of these. Katherine loves her raisins! (When she sits to eat is the best time for me to capture pictures of her. You will not find this little one still for long periods of time!)

Saturday, January 17, 2015

First Project of 2015!

Last night I completed my first sewing project of 2015! Yahoo!

I'm (slowly) working on doing an embroidery piece from ClementinePatterns for each season for our dinning room. I now have fall & winter finished & I've already started spring.

It's great fun to find ways to get more scripture references sprinkled throughout the house!

Educational Report: Week of January 11, 2015

We were sick this week so we got very little done lesson-wise. By the time I finally caught up on Thursday with all the laundry, I was too tired to try to dig into a lot. Friday brought sunshine & warmer temps so we just did another light day of lessons & I let the children get outside to play. Hopefully, we can roll up our sleeves and get more done next week! It will all work out fine.

To make it simpler, I'll just list what we did vs each category like I normally do.

Covenant Classes: Due to illness, we were unable to make it. Patricia did write an essay on medieval courtly love. She said it was NOT her favorite subject. ;) Benjamin & Matthias continued to study Latin at home- they completed chapter 16 on numbers & should have started chapter 17 but we didn't. We will need to work hard next week!

Art & Music: No piano lessons. Does this count as art? Or how about this from Friday's hours of outside time:

History: Patricia & Benjamin listened to a lecture on the Constitution. They continued to read & write for history.

Language Arts: Benjamin & Matthias worked on spelling. Yeah for a self-directed program! I did the beginning lesson of Bible Heroes with Jonathan & Elizabeth. They wrote a key word outline about creation & then used the outline the next day to give a speech. They are eager for more! Jonathan & Elizabeth also did copywork this week- Psalm 110, which is there Scripture memory for Covenant Classes.

Latin: Patricia completed chapter 24: reflexive pronouns & reflexive possessive adjectives.

Math: I did several pages of word problems from the Challenging Word Problem book with Jonathan & Elizabeth. It was a fun change of pace for them & helped them to THINK a bit more vs just reciting math drill answers. Benjamin & Patricia just did Calculadder drill. :(:(:( I did work with Matthias a bit- we covered estimation.

Science: Patricia & Benjamin finished up module 11 & took their quiz on the basics of the human body. Jonathan & Elizabeth studied about the heart & blood.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Mama took my doll!

We battled sickness this week so I had to take the girl's dolls & clean them. Emily was less than enthused. She told her sisters rather grumpily,  "Mama TOOK my doll!" Elizabeth & Abigail tried to cheer her up by making paper dolls. Not quite the same thing but I loved their creativity and eagerness to make their little sister feel better. :)

She took her new doll to quiet time, so it must have been a bit consoling:

I've been finding bits of paper, crayons & markers all over the house but that's okay. (The scissors all over the house was NOT okay. We talked about that!) They've made quite a collection. In fact, I'm counting this as art this week! ;)

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Educational Report: Week of January 4, 2015

My hope is to post these reports on Friday but I never pushed the "publish" button, so here you go. :)

We finished our first week back to lessons & started a new academic year. I anticipated a rough week but by God's grace, it went really well. The children were happy to get back to lessons... after I finally got them out of bed, that is. :) We'll slowly keep working on waking up earlier. We did have a lighter week than normal, as I was waiting for several books to arrive in the mail but I'm thankful to the Lord for what we accomplished, even when it wasn't what I had planned.

Covenant Classes: the children had their first class this week since mid-Decemer. They were thrilled to get back at it! Jonathan & Elizabeth learned a bit about knights & cowboys. Patricia started studying. Benjamin & Matthias' Latin class was cancelled due to a sick teacher but they will go on to study chapter 16 about numbers on their own. All of the children had Bible classes with Pastor. He is continuing to take them through the various promises of God in the Bible. They will begin memorizing Psalm 110.

Reading Aloud: I'm still waiting for our new book to arrive so this didn't happen this week beyond picture books with the girls each night before bedtime. We did read aloud for the younger children's history.

Memory Time: lots of review this week, especially with Scripture verses, & assessing what everyone remembered. We have a new speaker set up for our laptop, which is a tremendous help!

Abigail: I think this little girl was the happiest to return to lessons. (Followed closely by Elizabeth.) I love her enthusiasm & I look forward to starting my day with just her. :) She still has a few letters to finish learning but we've begun Phonics Pathways. Just the first 6 pages which cover vowel sounds. I'm planning on using PAL from IEW along with Phonics Pathways. We are continuing to work our way through Singapore's kindergarten book A with LOTS of hands on playing. Abigail loves to copy- she often grabs a paper & pen when the other children are doing their work.

Art & Music: We traveled to piano but our teacher wasn't there. It was a long day to go back & forth but it was another lesson to give our plans up to the Lord. We ended up learning that our teacher was very sick but we're grateful she's recovering now. We continued to practice at home. We need to pick up more of our stringed instruments.

History: Patricia & Benjamin listened to a lecture on federalism. Wow- I learned so much! They also caught up on reading & began a new book, American Short Story Anthology. The younger children & I studied about battles in New York, Washington and the Delaware and Nathan Hale. We read a good bit & did several projects for their lapbooks & mapwork. I'd prefer us to get 2 lessons done per week but I'm thrilled we got done with one! :)

Language Arts: This year, Benjamin & Matthias will be working on finishing up SICC-A from IEW. I thought I'd also have them both work through Writing With Skill but I'm putting that on hold right now. They adore IEW & it's easier to get accomplished. Plus, I think they know many of the skills in WWS. I'm not saying we will not do it. Just not right now & I'll evaluate later. :)

This week's lesson introduced creative writing from three pictures. It was a new concept & Matthias was bit uncomfortable, while Benjamin wrote a novel. :) Patricia will focus her writing on her literature class at co-op & she will begin a new course from IEW soon. She's also done with spelling, so she's thrilled. Everyone else continued to work through their spelling. Some of the children did copywork. Patricia & Benjamin covered chapter 10 of Our Mother Tongue. The topic was "kinds of sentences."

Latin: Patricia completed chapter 23 about partitive expressions and constructions of price, time and space. Benjamin & Matthias reviewed vocabulary & chants all week. I should have done the same. :/

Logic: We are still waiting for it to arrive.

Math: Every child did math EVERY SINGLE DAY! Can I get a high five? Matthias especially enjoyed learning Singapore's method of making bar graphs for word problems. Benjamin studied factors, Patricia covered division & estimation, and Jonathan & Elizabeth continued to work on addition & subtraction, The older three children did Calculadder each day. I think. ;)

Science: Patricia & Benjamin began module 11, which covers the basic parts of the human body. The younger children studied about their digestive & circulatory systems. Elizabeth was thoroughly disgusted. :)

Friday, January 09, 2015

Remember When? Elizabeth's Curls

Last night, as I sorted & organized pictures, I had an idea & decided to start a new series this year that I'll post every Friday. I'm going to post a few (or a lot- you know me!) pictures from years gone by. There's just so many memories & pictures! It's so much fun to look back & remember. :) Some memories bring tears but it's good to remember those days too.

Most of these pictures will be from a time BEFORE I had a DSLR or knew anything about photography. Most come from before we had a blog. It's going to be fun!

Today's pictures are of Elizabeth. I had forgotten how adorable her curls were when her hair was short. I also forgot how tight her curls were! Wasn't she adorable?

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

It wasn't what I had planned...

Yesterday was our first day back to educational lessons following a 2.5 week break. I expect this week will be a tough one because it's always tough getting back to a routine after a break plus we need to be out of the house 3 days this week. Yuck.

Our morning went very well once I manged to get everyone out of bed. :) It only required one chocolate break for me to make it through. Not bad! :) As I prepared to take Matthias to his ortho appointment, we saw that Katherine had hurt her thumb while playing with one of her sisters. It was extremely swollen. bruised & making a clicking sound. She was happy & using it but I still decided we should take her to urgent care.Several hours later & one x-ray, we discovered her thumb was fine. Thankfully, she was happy while waiting (she did loose it completely when it was time for the x-ray):

So, it wasn't quite the day I planned but I'm thankful to have our first day under our belts. I'm thankful to the Lord for protecting our children! It's easy to forget how frail our health can be. I'm thankful for older children who made dinner.

I wonder what today will bring? :) I told Eric I preferred a dull day. ;) I've definitely learned through the years to hold my plans very loosely.